Graduate Students

Fellows at the SSRC's annual summer conference for MMUF graduate students.
The Travel and Research Grant

The MMUF Travel and Research Grants, administered by the Institute for Citizens & Scholars, are available to MMUF fellows enrolled in qualifying PhD programs. The grants provide eligible graduate students with the financial means to complete their research prior to the start of dissertation writing. Funding is for one summer or semester of travel and/or research support. Awards are based on the scholarly merit of the individual applications received.

The Travel and Research Grants provide up to $5,000 for a period of one summer or one semester. Grants may be used to cover dissertation research, travel to/from research sites, and photocopying of documents and/or the purchase of access to databases for research purposes. The award may not be used to purchase computer software or hardware, and may not be used for general living expenses.


The Dissertation Grant

The MMUF Dissertation Grants are available to MMUF fellows enrolled in eligible PhD programs. The grants provide graduate students at the critical ABD stage of their doctoral programs with support to spend a year finishing the writing of the dissertation.

The dissertation grant offers up to $20,000 for a 12-month period. Fellows are encouraged to apply for dissertation grants from their home institutions. Winners who do not receive dissertation support from their own institutions are eligible to receive the full amount. The grant will be reduced by funding from other sources to ensure that each awardee receives a maximum award from all sources of $20,000. The Institute for Citizens & Scholars will ask graduate schools to waive tuition for winners of the Dissertation Grant. Candidates must arrange for their own health insurance coverage.