Welcome to the MMUF web survey!

The web survey is the fastest and easiest way for Mellon fellows to submit the two forms that are required from all fellows, the Profile Form and the Annual Update Form.

The Profile Form must be submitted one time only, upon your entry into the MMUF program. Submission of the Profile Form makes your entry into the MMUF program official and inaugurates your eligibility for program benefits.

The Annual Update Form must be submitted once each subsequent academic year you are in the program in order to maintain your eligibility for program benefits.1 You may not submit an Annual Update Form until your Profile Form has first been submitted. Please note that annual update forms submitted by fellows who are enrolled in PhD programs or who have completed PhDs will be shared with the Social Science Research Council, which administers programming for these groups of fellows on the Mellon Foundation's behalf.

1) Eligibility for graduate benefits is also dependent upon enrollment in a PhD program in a Mellon-designated field of study.
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