2019 MMUF-SSRC PhD Professional Development Conference

Feb '19
New York, NY

The final component of the SSRC's sequential series of graduate initiatives is the PhD Professional Development Conference, which brings together Mellon PhDs for two days. This event is designed exclusively for those fellows who have completed the doctorate, with preference given to those who are at the reappointment stage or close to tenure. The Postdoctoral Fellows Retreat is an opportunity to reflect on the transformative journey Mellon PhDs have made from college to graduate school to the completion of the doctorate and to discuss issues and milestones they are now confronting as young faculty members; in past years, the program has focused on teaching, research, publication and funding. Finally, the Retreat provides an opportunity to revive and solidify relationships with colleagues and mentors, expand professional networks, and re-commit to the mission of MMUF.

The 2019 retreat, as its name suggests, will take PhDs' professional development as its focus. The PhD Professional Development Conference will be held from February 17th to February 19th in New York City. For more information, please contact Lucio Rojas.


New York, NY