The 2014 MMUF Undergraduate Journal is out!

January 21, 2015

The MMUF Undergraduate Journal for 2014-2015 has just been published by Harvard University's MMUF program. It features articles by 33 current undergraduate Mellon fellows from across the program.

An electronic copy of the journal can be viewed here. The full list of contributing fellows is below.

Barnard College

  • Isabelia Herrera

Brooklyn College

  • Sherri Cummings
  • Taleisia Edwards

Brown University

  • Keil Oberlander

Bryn Mawr College

  • Krystal Angelina Caban

Carleton College

  • Joe Soonthornsawad

Columbia University

  • Marlen Rosas

Cornell University

  • Maya Mundell

Duke University

  • Destiny Hemphill
  • Virginia Isava
  • Christopher Marcus-Gibson

Emory University

  • Jovonna Jones

Hampton University

  • Lauren Highsmith

Haverford College

  • Brandon Allston

Hunter College

  • Claudia Vargas

Macalester College

  • Ariel Estrella

Northwestern University

  • Claire Dillon

Oberlin College

  • Katrina Cortés

Princeton University

  • Christina Chica
  • Yessica Martinez

Queens College

  • Daniella Posy

Smith College

  • Meredith Nnoka


  • Jonathan Salinas

University of Cape Town

  • Aimee Carelse

University of Pennsylvania

  • Robert Franco

University of Southern California

  • Megan Nathan

University of the Witwatersrand

  • Takalani Muloiwa

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Danielle Wu

Whittier College

  • Mikel Guereca
  • Acadia Larsen
  • John Paul Paniagua

Williams College

  • Laurel O'Connor
  • Alexander Peña

Hard copies of the journal will be mailed to each campus MMUF program. A PDF of the journal can also be viewed here. Congratulations to all our newly published undergraduate scholars!

Contributions to next's year's journal will be due in summer 2015; we will post the call for papers here when the exact due date is determined.