Caltech's website highlights MMUF 2020 graduates' achievements

June 23, 2020

The California Institute of Technology website recently posted an article spotlighting the accomplishments and plans of five MMUF undergraduates from the Class of 2020. Caltech MMUF fellows may pursue undergraduate and graduate research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics with MMUF support under an exemption from the program's otherwise exclusive focus on the humanities and social sciences.

Kenny Duran, a physics major, plans to pursue work at the intersection of computation and physics. Megan Durney, having majoring in computer science, will join Google X's quantum team following graduation. Felipe Gomez, also a physics major, will pursue a PhD in physics at Harvard University. Erik Herrera, who majored in mathematics, will enter a PhD program in math at the University of California at Berkeley. And Karen Pham, a geology major, will conduct research in Norway on a Fulbright fellowship and pursue a PhD in geosciences at Penn State University. Congratulations to Caltech's MMUF Class of 2020!