MMUF Fellow Erika López García profiled in Brown University's alumni magazine

June 17, 2014

MMUF fellow Erika López García, who graduated this year from Brown University, was recently profiled in the Brown Alumni Magazine. Erika, who concentrated in geological sciences as an undergraduate, had her first national scholarly exposure this April when the scientific journal Icarus published the article "Topographic Constraints on the Origin of the Equatorial Ridge on Iapetus," of which she was the lead author. The article concerns a mountain ridge on the equator of Iapetus, one of the moons of Saturn, which Erika concludes was formed not through plate tectonics, but as a result of the collapse of the moon's ancient ring system. She also presented her findings at the this year's Lunar and Planetary  Science Conference in Texas.

Following graduation, Erika will be working at a research laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, with plans for an eventual PhD in planetary geology. Congratulations, Erika!