MMUF PhD Saida Grundy Publishes Book on Morehouse College

October 17, 2022

MMUF PhD Saida Grundy, currently an assistant professor of sociology at Boston University, was recently interviewed by Inside Higher Education about her new book on Morehouse College, Respectable: Politics and Paradox in Making the Morehouse Man (University of California Press, 2022). Dr. Grundy, who graduated from Spelman College and was selected as an MMUF fellow there, describes her relationship with Morehouse, often regarded as Spelman's "brother school," as one of being an insider and an outsider simultaneously. Her book and the accompanying interview analyze Morehouse, the only historically Black all-male college in the U.S., as a prime maker of meanings concerning Black masculinity and Black leadership; she notes that "a driving argument in this book has been that narrowly constructing and institutionally grooming Black masculinity the way Morehouse does isn't just about Morehouse at all. It's about a larger context of Black gender politics and who gets to dictate what's important for the race's progress by controlling gender and sexuality politics within the race."  Read the full interview here.