University of Cape Town's MMUF program profiled on UCT website

April 29, 2016

The University of Cape Town's MMUF program was recently profiled in the news section of UCT's website. The article covers the 15-year history of MMUF at UCT as seen through the eyes of Gideon Nomdo, who has been a UCT MMUF coordinator since the university joined MMUF in 2001 (and who recently finished the PhD himself). Dr. Nomdo discusses how MMUF responds to the specifically South African legacy of apartheid and the longstanding educational disadvantages it has created among black students in particular. UCT's program, the oldest South African chapter of MMUF (the Universities of the Western Cape and of the Witwatersrand would join MMUF's South African ranks in 2007) has already produced 11 PhDs, with another 11 fellows currently working toward their doctorates. Read the article here.