April 25, 2016

Bowdoin College undergraduate fellow Bill De La Rosa was recently selected by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund as a Hispanic Scholar of the Year (an award given to only two students every year out of thousands of applicants). Among other achievements, the award recognizes Bill's advocacy and activism in connection with the issues facing undocumented immigrants, which have affected his own family.

February 17, 2016

MMUF fellow Joshua Bennett is one of four co-winners of Princeton University's Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship, the university's highest honor for graduate students. Josh, who was selected as a fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, won for his dissertation "Being Property Once Myself: In Pursuit of the Animal in 20th-Century African-American Literature," which examines representations of personhood and non-personhood in the African-American literary tradition.

August 13, 2015

Barnard Magazine features a profile of Barnard College's 19-year-old MMUF program in its current issue. The article, "Achieving Academia," includes quotes from Barnard MMUF undergraduate fellows Sujata Bajracharya and Rebecca Deng, along with coordinators Monica Miller (herself an MMUF fellow) and Michel Tollinchi-Michel. Read it online here.

August 03, 2015

MMUF fellow G. Maris Jones, who graduated this year from Brown University, was recently profiled in the Brown Alumni Magazine. Maris, who concentrated in anthropology and Portugese/Brazilian studies as an undergraduate, describes how a childhood dance instructor implanted in her a desire to attend Brown - a dream she realized even after her family lost their home in Hurricane Katrina.

July 22, 2015

Naomi Jackson, who was selected as an MMUF fellow at Williams College, published her first novel, The Star Side of Bird Hill, with Penguin Press in June 2015.

July 09, 2015

MMUF fellow Tongo Eisen-Martin, who was selected as an undergraduate at Columbia University and also holds an MA in African-American studies from Columbia, has published his debut volume of poetry, entitled someone's dead already. A full description of the book can be found here. Congratulations, Tongo!

June 04, 2015

Dartmouth Now has posted a feature story on the MMUF graduating class of 2015. At eight members, this graduating cohort is the largest in Dartmouth's 25-year history with the MMUF program, and includes five fellows who will be entering PhD programs in fall 2015. The article includes a video clip featuring short interviews with current and graduated Dartmouth fellows. Congratulations to the Dartmouth graduating fellows of 2015!

June 04, 2015

Jaime Sanchez (MMUF University of Chicago '15) was recently awarded the University of Chicago's Cox-Just Prize, which the university gives to only one undergraduate student per year. The full text of Jaime's award-winning thesis is linked to in the article. Congratulations, Jaime!


April 20, 2015

MMUF PhD Jericho Brown's poem "'N'em" (a colloquialism for "and them") was featured in the April 17, 2015 New York Times Magazine; the poem was selected for inclusion by former U.S. poet laureate Natasha Trethewey. Dr. Brown, who was selected as an MMUF fellow at Dillard University, is now an associate professor of English and creative writing at Emory University. He is the author of two volumes of poetry, Please (2008) and The New Testament (2014).

April 16, 2015

MMUF undergraduate fellow Bill De La Rosa is one of 58 college students selected for 2015 Truman scholarships. Bill, who will graduate from Bowdoin College next year, is a double major in Latin American studies and sociology with a particular interest in immigration issues. He plans to eventually enter a PhD program in sociology with a migration focus. Congratulations, Bill!