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May '17

The MMUF-SSRC Predoctoral Research Grants offer modest supplementary financial assistance to Mellon fellows to help support the quality and timely completion of their doctoral work - particularly at benchmark moments in their grad

Apr '17
Cornell University

This year's midatlantic regional conference will be hosted by Cornell University.

Apr '17
Brooklyn College

The 2017 New York City MMUF regional undergraduate conference will be held April 21, 2017 at Brooklyn College.

Mar '17
Mar '17
Philadelphia, PA

The MMUF-SSRC Proposal Writing and Dissertation Development Seminar (PWDDS), part of the MMUF-SSRC Graduate Initiatives program,

Feb '17
Feb '17
New York, NY

The final component of the SSRC's sequential series of graduate initiatives is the Postdoctoral Fellows Retreat, which brings together Mellon PhDs for three days every other year.

Feb '17
New York, NY

For more details on this event, please contact Margaret Deason-Coughlin or Lucio Rojas at the Social Science Research Council.

Jan '17
Premier Hotel Cape Manor, Cape Town, South Africa

Each January, MMUF hosts a ten-day experiential learning program for fellows in Cape Town, South Africa. Fellows and coordinators from all MMUF member institutions are invited to apply.

Nov '16
Spelman College

This year's southeast regional conference will be held November 11-13 and will be co-hosted by the UNCF/Mellon Programs and Emory University; conference events will take place at Spelman College.