Each year, five new MMUF fellows are selected from among applicants in the rising junior classes at each of the 42 MMUF member institutions (with the exception of the UNCF consortium, which selects a total of 25 fellows from across its member institutions). These newly selected cohorts of fellows join the previously selected cohorts of rising and graduating senior fellows in their institution's campus MMUF program, where they are provided with mentoring and financial support as they prepare for entry into PhD programs and eventual careers as scholars and faculty members.

The Undergraduate Program

While each campus MMUF program is given some flexibility to tailor its structure to its institutional needs, strengths and academic calendar, the below timeline gives a general sense of the program milestones and obligations undergraduates can expect to encounter during each phase of their college careers. While this timeline assumes a semester calendar, the general chronology of program milestones will be similar at schools on the quarter or trimester system.

Undergraduate Program Timeline

Sophomore year, spring semester

At most member institutions on semester calendars, students apply to MMUF and fellows are selected in the spring of their sophomore year. For member institutions on the quarter system, the timing of selection varies but is generally slightly later.

Sophomore year, summer

At many institutions, newly selected fellows participate in structured summer programs designed to acclimate them to the research process and prepare them for their academic-year MMUF work.

Junior year, fall semester

The first full year of MMUF work begins. In addition to regular meetings with their coordinators, mentors and peer fellows, most fellows will attend the undergraduate MMUF conference for their region. Some fellows choose to study abroad for a semester or year while meeting their MMUF commitments via arrangements worked out in advance with their coordinators and mentors.

Junior year, spring semester

Regular program meetings and activities continue; fellows whose regional undergraduate conference did not take place the previous fall will attend it this semester. New cohorts of MMUF fellows are selected from the rising junior class, while senior fellows are preparing for graduation and graduate school. Many institutions build GRE preparation into their junior year MMUF programming.

Junior year, summer

Some fellows will participate in formal research programs; others will travel to conduct research or receive language training pertinent to their fields.

Senior year, fall semester

Fellows check in with coordinators and mentors regarding the status of their summer research; seniors are working toward the culmination of their undergraduate MMUF research in a formal thesis paper, a presentation, or both. For those seniors applying to graduate school for the fall immediately after their college graduations, the application process begins or is already under way; others are taking the GRE and preparing applications for a later period.

Senior year, spring semester

Graduating fellows complete and submit their MMUF research projects; many institutions require formal, public research presentations by fellows.Seniors also sit for their MMUF exit interviews, in which they update their coordinators on their postgraduate plans and contact information. They also receive reminders about the graduate benefits available to them if they enter PhD programs in approved fields.

For more information on the ways in which MMUF continues to support fellows in their graduate school years, continue to the Graduates section.